Mission Statement

The Mission of Landmark Builders is to continually raise the bar in the construction marketplace. We do this by actively listening to our clients’ needs and orchestrating a cohesive blueprint for success using our team’s unwavering commitment and expertise. Landmark Builders is proactive in its philosophy by maintaining our clients’ interest first and ensuring that every expectation is met, regardless of how complex the project may be.

Landmark Culture

When making decisions about the scope and cost of a project, effective estimating and budgeting are imperative. Landmark Builders has put extensive effort into reputable systems and training to assure accurate and uniform estimates. Our pre-construction team is working to reliably fulfill all of your estimating and budgeting needs from day one, from conceptual estimates to hard bid quotations. Landmark develops preliminary cost estimates at the initial phases of planning and schematic design, as well as definitive budget estimates as construction documents develop. In the construction phase of a project, we solicit multiple bids from various pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive pricing.

Knowledge & Expertise

Landmark Builders prides itself on utmost integrity, expert leadership, and overall excellence on any project large or small. Our Landmark Team works together effortlessly to help design and build even the most complex of projects. We have a longstanding tradition of unfaltering loyalty to our clients that will make you want to continue working with Landmark Builders long after your project is complete.

Personal Dedication

For any project, a precise and realistic budget is crucial. From the minute you choose Landmark Builders to be part of the project team, we implement a systematic cost control process that focuses on the fundamentals: concise budgeting, detailed documentation and continuous appraisal of costs in order to remain at the highest efficiency. The project manager reconstructs our initial estimate to formulate a specialty cost control budget that is used as the foundation for forecasting the project’s actual final cost. This projection report is regularly reviewed and modified based on the job’s current progress. Landmark Builders always works hard to keep costs manageable while still catering to the unique features, systems, and level of quality you have selected for your project.

Landmark Builders offers a wide range of construction services.